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Dive Into the New Age of Digital and Remote Verification


BL4SEA - Remote Verification

BL4SEA is a service for remote inspections and surveys of all types of areas. With BL4SEA remote verification, you can do your survey without disrupting your operations in addition to benefitting from substantial cost savings.

It eliminates paperwork and offers easy and efficient completion directly on your tablet, and ensures that this work is automatically archived and updated at all times. Verification data will securely prove each operation according to relevant requirements and standards.


  • Online and offline functionality

  • Remote inspections, trials and surveys

  • Performed by using any iOS device

  • 3rd party verification

  • Performed during operations latency

  • No paper-handling

  • No travel


BLISEA - Secure Electronic Archive

With the BLISEA secure electronic archive, you can verify that all checklists have been gone through securely in the right place, at the right time and with relevant data. This gives you confidence that everybody has done their job.

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BLSTORM - Safe Network Verification

BLSTORM is a specialized device designed for conducting Network Storm Tests in compliance with IMCA M259 standards. It eliminates the requirement for multiple OEM service engineers to be present onboard to test their individual systems.

  • Standardized tests across systems

  • 3rd party verification

  • Device flashed between each vessel to minimize risk of malware

  • Cost reduction



Boatlabs is an established provider of FMEAs and Annual DP Trials, and also offers consultancy on construction vessel topside equipment such as pipe- and cable lay equipment, cranes, tower, gangways and deck layouts. 

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