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Safe Network Verification

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Safe Network Verification

Network Storm Testing made simpler and more cost efficient than before

Third party verification

Cost saving

Standardized tests

DNV-RU-SHIP Pt.4 Ch.9 3.3

IMCA 259

Keeps your networks safe

Vessel crew's perspective

BLSTORM is an dedicated device that is isolated from the internet. Between each vessel the device is flashed back to its factory installation. This effectively safeguards the systems from cross contamination between different vessels.


Standarised test

Onshore organization's perspective

BLSTORM is the main tool Boatlabs use to perform network storm tests. By standarising the tests across all systems and vessels you can be sure that the test level is equal no matter which system you want to test.


Reduced cost and climate impact

Reduced downtime. Storm Test can be done while Boatlabs is onboard as part of the 5-Year Trial

Reduced cost; no need for multiple service personnel to test their own system.

Solar Energy
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